Wiki Re-Hosted

After long months of neglect, I noticed that the Wiki had been invaded by spammers. SourceForge now offers a hosted MediaWiki service so I have moved all of the content from the old Wiki onto the new host. I also pruned out external links that are no longer active. Although this page has been silent, work does continue on the Fly! Legacy code and the team is working towards an Alpha release later this year.

Visual C++ 2005 Express Developer's Kit Available

A draft version of a developer's kit for Fly! Legacy is now available. The kit is intended for programmers who wish to build and run the latest snapshot of Fly! Legacy using Microsoft's free Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition.  It may also work with the full commercial version of Visual C++ 2005, and/or Visual C++ 2003 as well.  The developer's kit contains a readme file describing how to set up Visual C++ and pre-built binaries for some of the third-party open source libraries that are required.  The Readme document is still incomplete, so please provide feedback on the AVSIM Fly! II Developer's Forum, or on the Fly! Legacy developer's forum, if there is additional clarification or explanation (other than the obvious TBD sections) needed in the document.

We hope that this package will shorten the learning curve for potential new developers. The kit can be downloaded here:

Visual C++ 2005 Express Developer's Kit

Fly! Legacy Wiki is online!

The new Wiki knowledge repository software has now been installed and is ready for contributions. Since this new service is now hosted on, it should be more reliable than the previous Wiki. Due to constraints on the web hosting system, I have switched to a more industrial-strength wiki software, namely MediaWiki. This is the same software that runs huge projects such as Wikipedia.

If you contributed information to the previous Wiki, don't worry, I am in the process of moving the data over to the new system. I'll make an announcement here when I have finished so that you can check the accuracy and completeness of the transfer.

Click the FlyLegacyWiki link on the left bar, and then follow the link to the MediaWiki user's guide to learn how to most effectively read and edit articles.

Logo, Screenshot and Doxygen Updates

Thanks to Frank D'hont for the great new Fly! Legacy logo!

In order to conform with web hosting policy, I have removed the screenshots from the web site and activated the Screenshots section of the SourceForge Project site (click the "SF Project" link on the left menu, then "Screenshots"). The shots are lower resolution and limited to only six, but that's good enough for now. Over time I may use the AVSIM Screenshots Forum or main Fly! discussion forums to post screenshots as well...stay tuned.

The Doxygen source code documentation has been re-generated based on a more recent code snapshot. I'm going to see about having it updated automatically on a regular basis, maybe once per week, to ensure that it's kept up to date with any new submissions.


Welcome to the web page for Fly! Legacy.

Watch this space for news and updates about the Fly! Legacy project.